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Learn the Six basic principles, history, and applications that Joseph Pilates founded the Pilates Method of exercise on, while practicing the basics of a Mat Class format.

Pilates II

A more comprehensive certification incorporating the information gained in Pilates I and incorporating balls, lifts and other devices to enhance the effectiveness of the mat Pilates Class.

Pilates III

A broad spectrum of Pilates techniques is studied: from evaluation, execution, and modification of the Pilates techniques, to understanding the clients needs. This certification brings your knowledge to a level that you start to totally embrace the Pilates principles.

Holistic Health/Life Coaching

This certification provides an alternate way of looking at the Personal Training industry. Instead of sets and reps you study understanding the client from ways such as ayurvedic, acupuncture, energy fields, vitamins and minerals, herbs, meditation, and other modalities of alternative health. For any Personal Trainer that has a client where nothing else has worked, it is a great addition.

Yoga I, II, III

Understand the history and philosophy of yoga, while learning; the sun salutation, asana sets 1 through 5, anatomy, physiology, class structure, power yoga variations, yoga breathing, and meditation techniques.

Yoga II

Expand you yoga teaching with advanced core asanas, creating power flow vinyasa, advanced pranayama, intermediate asana sets, inverted positions, partner techniques and advanced meditation.

Tai Chi I, II

This certification empowers students do direct tai chi classes that incorporates slow, low impact movements, accompanied with controlled breathing to stimulate organ systems, enhance energy, improve strength, flexibility, and reduce stress.

Stress Reduction & Meditation

Taking the Personal Training ideas and applying to the whole person. Alternative forms of health care such as exercise, stress reduction, personal accountability, holistic treatments, nutrition, and relaxation are just a few of the elements studied to give trainers incite to the complexity of success. The day becomes a brainstorming session to create a new wellness business.

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