Is Exercise Selection Killing Your Exercise

Ever wonder why one program works for some and not others? Why can some have a lifetime of activity and others have problems climbing the stairs to their house? The issue may be as simple as their exercise history and preference to activity. A bad experience, the wrong activity, or just poor timing that created a lifetime of resentment to something that others enjoy! Crazy! Now the solution is to create new program with activities’ you like and look forward to continuing!
To make solutions easy follow the success model below generated from the book, No Sweat by Michelle Segar:

Cycle of Failure
You picked activities with a specific goal where you are happy to quit once you have reached it…losing weight

Wrong Why > Exercise is a Chore > You Should Exercise > You Fail 

Cycle of Motivation
This is when you have selected a program of activities you enjoy and do them for the sole propose of doing them…walking your dog, playing with your kids.

Right Why > Activity is a Gift > You Need Activity > You Win!

Cycle of Success
Optimal point when your activity becomes your lifestyle and generates energy for all other areas of your life. It becomes a part of you!

Who I am > Activity Fuels Me > I Need Activity > Activity Sustains Me

Make sure you are exercising for the correct reasons, to better your life, relationships and health!

Stay healthy

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