1. How Much Exercise Do You Need?

    Everyone knows the benefits of exercise, but few actually know how much of what and for how long and how often. If anyone could answer all these questions they would be rich! Everyone is different. First, everyone needs to modify their program at least every month. Why? Hopefully you are changing! A…Read More

  2. Personal or Social Trainer?

    Social media is everywhere, including the weight room! Can’t tell if it’s a photo studio or a gym! People are selfieing themselves into shape…or at least that’s what they think. If that were only the case. Even Muscleandfitness.com has an article on five ways to take a good selfie in the gym…Read More

  3. Is Your Exercise Selection Killing Your Exercise?

    Is Your Exercise Selection Killing Your Exercise? Ever wonder why one program works for some and not others? Why can some have a lifetime of activity and others have problems climbing the stairs to their house? The issue may be as simple as their exercise history and preference to activity. A bad ex…Read More