Enhance New Member Experience


Let the interrogation begin!  Tell me about how sick, broken and lazy you are!  No!  Comfort them by explaining how important it is to have baseline information to better establish a plan of attack, I mean program.

Make Introductions

To the facilities, employees, members, and areas that may interest them!  It’s not a prison but a resort!  Hot tub, sauna, steam…ok yoga room if that’s what they want, weight room, stretching area, cardio center…

Find their why

What brought them into the club?  What issues do they want to address?  What program would work best to solve this program?  Probably not six pack abs…

Create success plan

Just like March Madness!  Make a list of all the things they want and pair them up to find the underlying reason for them to be in the club!

Stay Healthy

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