Professional image

Dress to the job you want not the job you have.  Covering your massive biceps may enhance your business (clients may be intimidated).  Clean, well fitted, with no inappropriate messages always rules.  How about a shirt with your logo?  Nice touch


Remember the KISS principle (Keep It Simple S*****).  No one cares about your paper route in the seventh grade.  Keep it relevant to the position you are going for

Business cards

Get them as soon as possible.  Have them represent the type of client you want.  If you have a bodybuilder on your card…that’s the client you will get.  Don’t limit yourself with your marketing.  A picture of you is always a good bet.  Your logo is also a safe bet.


When was the last time you took time to read a brochure?  If you do use one remember the KISS principle again.  Keep it focused and simple.  Cost may also be a problem

Website:  blog, facebook, social networking, etc.

Keep it simple and represent your business.  You don’t have to reinvent WebMD!  Three pages work:  philosophy, services offered, costs and contact.  Social networking is an effective way to waste time if you are not disciplined to a plan of action.  Make a plan before you jump in.  Group, ledger, read, respond.

Tools:  forms, equipment, etc.

Whatever you need to do your job, get it now; forms, ledgers, equipment, etc.  If you can’t afford them, beg, borrow or steal them (just kidding about the stealing…ask).  Nothing is worse than not being prepared for a client!

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Elevator pitch

You are on an elevator with the person who can make your career…what do you say?  You have 15 seconds.  You must Wow, How, and Now them!  Get their attention, give them something, and create immediate action.


Get a team of people that have similar goals, expectations, and desire that you have.  Share ideas, work through problems, or just vent.  These people are the backbone of your business.  Good to pick people form complementary businesses, i.e. nutritionists, chiropractors, etc.


A mentor is someone who is further along in the business than you.  Learn from them and then share with someone less along than you!

Our Mentor Program


Ask anyone you work with for a note on what they like about you.  Pictures, results, or anything that show how terrific you are will work.  Good for your website