Personal Or Social Trainer?

Social media is everywhere, including the weight room! Can’t tell if it’s a photo studio or a gym! People are selfieing themselves into shape…or at least that’s what they think. If that were only the case. Even has an article on five ways to take a good selfie in the gym. Have we lost it? Did your biceps change between sets? Has the ship left the harbor? I think so.

Even Personal Trainers have jumped on the social media client trend. An occasional success story post is great, but posting every workout and videoing every set has its limits. One! Perspective is important. I know that sounds like I’m old, but when my clients bring it to my attention I have to take notice. The word is tasteful.

This week we had the WIFI go out in my Gym. You would have thought the world had come to an end! I can’t view Instagram, can’t locate my workout, pandora doesn’t work, where am I to post my selfies? One thing I did notice is that people got off the machines faster. People talked to each other, and they paid more attention to their workouts! What a concept!

Use social media as part of a planned, well developed marketing system. Keep your posts, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest of your clients, reserved for the truly special moments and showcase the inspirational, motivational, and transformational changes that have occurred because of your exemplary training, not giving everyone a participation ribbon.

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