I constantly struggle with people over these labels, fit, in shape, and healthy. Guess the first thing to do is define each…

Fit is the state where you’re able to perform a certain set of skills, movements, or activities for a goal, i.e. football, track, ballet.

In shape is the where you are free of medical conditions and able to perform life at an elevated level.

Healthy is free from or managed medical conditions.

Now with this in mind, most professional, extreme, committed athletes are not text book healthy. They suffer from joint damage, hyper/hypotension, concussions, other metabolic issues, social issues, and a suppressed immune system. In other words, they are one rep away from world class performance and catastrophic injury. Case in point…what ends most careers? Injuries!

Healthy has a disclaimer. Just because you are healthy doesn’t mean you get a free ride! So, you are free from disease states and have an impeccable blood lipid panel, that doesn’t mean you have the capacity to get through life without a struggle, i.e. Take a hike. You still must stimulate and enhance your muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, metabolism, and digestion, to prepare for future physical, or life stresses.

In shape is the bomb! You are disease free and can perform at an optimal level. You probably won’t be a world class athlete, but will have the body, mind, and sole of a champion.

The big difference…recovery! In shape means being in a constant state of ready, whether fighting off a cold, or lineman, or executing your next dance step, you are not going overboard.

By the way, it’s good to remember your performances.

Stay Healthy